A Handful of the Best Sources of Website Traffic to Make Money Online

Traffic is basically defined as the number of visitors to your website. You can learn a lot more out the data using a stats tool such as Google Analytics.

No matter how you view it without people coming to your website you are not going to make money online. There are many ways to get visitors to your website and in this article we will talk about some of the top sources available today.

1. Purchase PPC traffic. Pay Per Click advertising is still an effective way to do this. Google AdWords is the #1 game in town for this.

However there are other PPC search engines to promote on including Yahoo, MIVA, 7Search, and many more. PayPerClickSearchEngines.com is a very good website to learn about some really buys on ppc traffic.

2. Do article marketing. This is basically where you write and submit articles to online article directories.

Most people shortchange themselves and only submit to a couple of directories. Certainly you do want to get your articles into EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com as they are the two largest article directories in the world.

However, there are many excellent directories you can submit to. Your goal should be to reach as many directories as possible.

The best way to do this is increase the number of articles you are submitting on a daily basis. Start thinking in terms of double digits as opposed to submitting only one or two articles a week.

If you do this you will be amazed at how much faster your business grows and how much more traffic you’re getting. Ultimately you will make more money as well.

3. Social media is something you just cannot ignore. This is a very broad term so let’s look at a few of the key ways to use this strategy to get more traffic.

First of all video marketing is becoming very big. Google purchased You Tube a few years ago because they knew how much traffic videos were going to bring.

An easy way for you to get videos online is to use an article tools such as Article Robot. You can quickly turn articles in the article videos and submit them to the top shared video sites including YouTube. You can even create your videos from articles you submitted to EA with the click of one button.

Other important types of social media include blogging, social bookmarking, and social networking at sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you purchase PPC traffic, do article marketing and blogging, and add social media to your marketing mix, you will increase the amount of traffic you get to your website. Ultimately you will make more money online because of your efforts.

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