A-Ads Review – Bitcoin Advertising Network

A-Ads Review – Bitcoin Advertising Network A-Ads is the oldest Bitcoin advertising network that started trading in the year of 2011. The company offers services for both publishers and advertisers. In this review and tutorial, we will be focusing on the services that A-Ads offers to publishers & advertisers.
Best Adsense Alternatives – Advertisers:
Advertisers have the option to pick which language will best suit their campaign. I know how difficult it can be trying to reach a target audience. This is where A-Ads comes in. Advertisers can select from the niche that they’re trying to reach. I own a business forum; if I was to advertise, I would pick Finance, for example. The whole purpose of Advertising is to obtain more customers or members of your business. What I really like about A-Ads because advertisers can set a maximum per day to ensure they don’t overspend on their budget. Next to the amount, you will see your estimated impressions & clicks for the right-hand side campaign.
If picking a niche isn’t for you, you can target your audience further. Using the “catalog” feature of A-Ads, you can pick a specific website under any category to advertise on. You can deposit funds by using Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies that are growing in popularity. If you are new to Crypto and are looking for a wallet, I recommend Coinbase or Crypto.com as a starting point.
Best Adsense Alternatives – Publishers:
Becoming a Publisher on A-Ads
One of the best things about A-Ads is the website that you’re wanting to monetize doesn’t require approval. All you need to do is enter your website address, set the dimensions, & pick the content to filter. I would recommend disabling NSFW and Shady ads. Once it’s been created, the rest is automated. Simply add the HTML code to the webpage, and the units will start showing within 10 minutes. There is no set amount on how much you’ll be paid per impression or clicks. However, it’s estimated that you’ll earn 0.17$ for every 1000 views and 0.01$ per click. You may track your website’s performance on A-Ads. You can see how many clicks, impressions & how much money you’ve obtained. The minimum withdrawal is currently set at 0.001 BTC (or 0 for FaucetPay.io or ExpressCrypto.io)
Referring others to this Bitcoin Advertising Network:
The company offers the most generous referral scheme that I have ever come across. You will receive 50% of fees collected from campaigns of ads created by your referrals. A-Ads have designed banners and other promo materials if you are not confident with Graphic Design. Referring others to this advertising network is a great way to boost your earnings.
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