5 Love Lessons to Use In Your Video Marketing

Video builds an emotional connection and speeds up the know, like, trust and buy factor.

I’ve said that a lot and it sounds great doesn’t it?

But, do you know HOW to build an emotional connection? In your love life OR in video?

You’ll find lots of information on the internet on how to build an emotional connection with the opposite sex. Love is a very popular topic!

We can use those same “love lessons” for business!

Marketing = Dating

After all, marketing is a lot like dating. You don’t propose marriage on the first date. You go through the process of forging a relationship, building intimacy and trying to get to an emotional connection.

The ability to build an emotional connection – whether for love or for money – IS something you can learn how to do. And it’s one of the most powerful skills you can ever have!

What is an Emotional Connection?

An emotional connection is when others see you as the same as themselves or on “their side”. They feel that you “get them” and that you understand them. It is a set of shared emotions, whether those emotions be laughter, fear, pain, happiness, sadness, frustration or joy.

Here are some love lessons, turned into video marketing lessons:

1. Study Them (Your Viewers!)

Understand what your prospective customer needs and wants from life and you. This means paying close attention when she/he talks.

Look past the words and into the emotions that underscore their words.

Examine the exact words they use and use those same words back to them in your videos. This makes them feel heard which is a great emotional connector and can forge an instant bond between the two of you.

2. Build Trust

Developing mutual trust takes time. It’s not an overnight process, but it’s an essential building block to an emotional connection. Establishing yourself as trustworthy means things like:

  • Being available when you say you’re available
  • Following through on commitments and projects
  • Making sure your product / service does what you say it will do
  • Being consistent with your marketing and your delivery

Let trust build naturally and don’t try to rush it.

3. Be Emotionally Available First

Authentic marketing is discussed a lot these days. Gone are the days of slick super-hyped marketing. Being real is a lot more effective.

Here’s the key: You have to be the one to be vulnerable first.

So share some appropriate personal information (NOT private information). Tell your own story of struggle, frustration or conflict that your customer can relate to as a common struggle.

Video is a tremendous vehicle for telling your personal story. Your vulnerability and your authenticity are up front and center through your body language and the tone of your voice.

You have to be the one to bring emotion to the table first. Our clients and customers are not going to open up to you until you open up to them.

4. Show Affection

No, I don’t mean you should hold your client’s hand!

For business, showing affections means demonstrating that you actually LIKE your customer. Show happiness in your videos as you greet them. Point out their good qualities, the things they are doing right. Uplift them. Make them feel good in your presence and make them feel liked.

5. Eye Contact

Well-known speaker Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE says “Eye contact is an important way to emotionally connect with your audience.” In fact, “the longer the eye contact between two people, the greater the intimacy is developed.”

We can use this same practice in video.

Practice looking directly at the camera lens while filming and your viewers will get the sense that you are confident, understand them and have great intimacy with them.

Love Lessons CAN be Scary

How would it feel to use these tools in your video marketing AND in your love life!

Whoo boy! Could be a little scary right?

Being open and vulnerable can be frightening. I can’t guarantee that it won’t ever be painful.

However I can guarantee you that you’ll feel freer, happier and less stressed out when you are authentic, open and vulnerable – in love AND in video marketing.

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