5 Important Tips to Drive Long Term Traffic Through Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a relatively new method to drive long term traffic to your website consistently. It is getting popular now with the technology advancement in broadband with increasing bandwidth, enabling more people to view video or TV on internet. There are five important tips in making your videos:

1. Your video must have a compelling and great descriptive title. The first thing the internet users do is to search for the content by typing the subject title they are interested in. You must include your keywords in the video title. Titles started with “How to…” or to use a numbered list, for example, “5 Important Tips…” are the proven and effective titles head.

2. After the internet users complete their search, a list of videos will be displayed in the video listing space. You need to use a good thumbnail to capture their attention. Your thumbnail must look interesting and as relevant as possible to your viewers. For example, people who search for stock investing education video will most likely to click on a thumbnail showing a stock chart or candlesticks chart.

3. Your video must be able provide valuable and useful content that benefit your readers. The best way is to create how-to content because people normally look for video that show step by step guide on how to get things done. This is the greatest advantage of video marketing compare to article marketing because the viewers can actually “see” the subject, stop and rewind the video to follow the steps. The ability to see the steps greatly reduces the learning curve and minimizes any potential mistakes made during the learning process.

4. You need to provide a link in your description to drive the traffic to your website. This is the only main mean of directing traffic and make sure your link is visible and easy for people to simply click on it. In addition, you can watermark your URL in the viewing area of the video so that no one can miss your link. You will still be able to get the traffic back to your website even someone takes your video and embeds it into their blog or website. One thing to take note that the viewers are still not able to click on the URL watermarked on your video base on today technology.

5. The most important thing you must do for your video marketing is to have a call-to-action while they are viewing your video. Most viewers have a habit to move on to watch another video after another. You need to break that classic viewing pattern and have a call-to-action to click on your website. You can ask your viewers to download some free stuff like eBook or video from your website.