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5 Expert Tips To Help Your Website Online Lead Generation

5 Expert Tips To Help Your Website Online Lead Generation post thumbnail image

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and this is so true with your online presence.

In this video, I’m going to take you through five dos to help your online lead generation through your business website.

First one is have a super fast-loading website.

Customers hate waiting for your website to load, and often if it loads longer than five seconds, they will click off and go to your competitor.

Next one, have small images on your website. So photographers and videographers, don’t upload two-megabyte images. Make sure they’re compressed.

They can still be large on the page but compressed down to a kilobyte size.

Next one is have text on your website. Google loves text and that’s how it understands what your business is about and how it can index it.

Make sure each page you have minimum of about 500 words, and that includes home page, about us, sometimes even contact us page. Okay? Ensure you have text on your website.

Another great tip is your website has to be mobile-responsive. Over 50% of customers search for your business website on mobile phone.

So if it doesn’t look good, then you are losing over 50% of your potential customers online. And last one, ensure your website uses common, simple, and clear language.

There’s nothing worse than going onto a website and not understanding what they’re talking about because they’ve tried to mix it up a bit too much.

What you want to do is write your content for a five year old so your customer can easily understand what to do, where to call you, or to purchase your most profitable product, or fill in a quote form.

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