3 Things Every GREAT Content Marketing Workshop Must Have

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In today’s video, learn, three things EVERY great content marketing workshop MUST have. Don’t waste your money if the content marketing training you’re going to invest in doesn’t offer these three factors!



I’m a serial entrepreneur, 5x bestselling author, and now, I teach creative entrepreneurs the skills and strategy of starting and scaling a successful digital business from scratch. (Learn more: →

I’ve made money on the internet since I was 13. At 19 years old, I started a writing agency with $75; by the age of 30, I exited for 7 figures. We grew to 5,000 clients reached; a marketplace leader; and over 100 people on staff.

I hate sleaze and slime used to “sell” on the internet. My businesses are living, breathing, ten-year proof that there are better ways.

At my brand The Content Hacker, I help creative entrepreneurs get their strategy, skills & systems down for massive revenue. I help you reprogram yourself to leave all the worker mentality behind and grow into CEO, and then I teach you the strategic steps to run a multi- 6, 7 figure digital company.

My elite coaching program, The Content Transformation© System, will teach you exactly how to build & scale a market-proof, self-sustaining business you love, with a content-based game plan that will help you last for years to come.

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