3 Benefits of Using Website Builder Software

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Acquiring some income from the internet doesn’t come easy, despite what people have told you. Yes, you do hear about incredible success stories, but they’re rare events, just as they are in the “real” world…

Bringing in some revenue online is possible but it does require time, effort and consistency. And one of the worst things you can do, as I did starting out, was leapfrog from one get-rich-quick scheme to another ( with nothing to show for it, of course! )

A combination of AdSense revenue and affiliate marketing worked for me when I built a few websites. But it’s time consuming designing and building a site…not to mention the time it takes to write content for it.

There had to be an easier way, a way of automating website creation so that building dozens of sites wouldn’t be like having your teeth pulled – an excruciating experience. That’s when Site Builder Elite was born…

All you need to do is give it a list of keywords, set some parameters, click a button and “Hey Presto”, a multi 10, 100, or 1000 page dynamic, AdSense-monetized website pops into existence.

At this point you can do one of two things: move on and create your next website or spend a little time customising your new site; add header and footer graphics (you need to create these), add other revenue streams, add articles to beef up the site and change the behavior of the site in different ways.

The whole idea is to create multiple websites quickly and easily because AdSense is a numbers game. The more sites you own, the more AdSense revenue you’ll get. And pretty soon, your new Virtual Real Estate Empire will be growing into something that gives you significant income.

Let’s take a conservative example where each of your sites pulls in just $0.15 a day. Not much really, just $4.50 per month. 10 sites would get you $45 per month, 100 sites would amount to $450.

Now suppose you got $0.50 per day per site. With 100 sites, you’d be securing $1500 per month. From AdSense alone.

You’d earn more, actually, because of the other revenue streams you can add to your sites – Amazon, Kontera, PeakClick, amongst others.

Ok, I hear you cry, what about domain and hosting fees, won’t they eat into my profits? Yes, if you let them. Not much if you go about setting up such things in the right way…which will be explained in the Site Builder Elite Manual. This isn’t a show-stopper!

Building just one website a day is within even the most time-strapped person’s grasp. And that’s where the time, effort and consistency I mentioned earlier comes in.

Time: not much required. Effort: Building a keyword list and clicking a button or two (not strenuous!). Consistency: The key to success. Fail at this and you’ll fail at anything you try. So build a site a day or one a week. Just be consistent!

Site Builder Elite gives you the opportunity to build multiple dynamic, SEO Optimized, monetized, customizable websites, quickly, easily and painlessly. It’s based on the sound principles of getting income from AdSense and affiliate marketing. More than that, it gives you a road map to a more financially endowed future. That future awaits you…

Check Site Builder Elite out immediately.

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PS: This software really will save you time and energy building websites. After using it, you’ll wonder why things used to be so difficult.