10 No Brainer Tips to Drive Crazy Amount of Free Traffic to Jam Your Website

Getting more Internet traffic to your website is crucial in order to stay on the lead with your online business. With the tough online competition for website traffic, you need to maximize your resources to drive website searchers to your page. To improve your chances for page rank in the search engine, here are 10 proven ways to drive free traffic to jam your website.

1. Make comments

It is a proven strategy that when you comment on other’s blogs or sites, you get more traffic to your site. Leave comments and post memorable and catchy comments on certain issues or controversies. This way you become a known face in the net. Just be sure not to use libelous words otherwise, instead of benefitting from it, you might even get into more trouble.

2. Interact with the online community

Join online forums and take part in their discussions. Make sure to add your signature with your links. Share with other online users your useful resources and help them in their search. With your well thought of comment, you become a respected part of the online community. When people trust your opinion, you drive more website traffic and more page views.

3. Article Content

Write articles with consistency and content. 3-5 new articles per week make your website traffic increase. If you are into selling, your articles would keep your web visitors informed. Include resource links for the website visitors to browse.

4. Get your articles to Social Media Sites

Social media sites have huge website traffic in the net. When you post your articles in social media sites, you boost of your Internet traffic.

5. Write and send a newsletter

Once you get newsletter subscribers, make sure that you update them with your posts. Write informative articles in your niche and send them regularly to your subscribers. When they read your newsletters, you direct more traffic to your site.

6. Post in related Groups

Internet groups help direct Internet traffic. Take advantage of these groups to increase you traffic. Because of its vast topics, you will definitely find forums related to your website. Get involved in the forums and be pro-active.

7. Run a contest

To get more traffic jam to your site, run a contest. Contests arouse the interest of people. The prize that they might get will yield more website traffic. Just include official rules, criteria and the price in your advertisements.

8. Get a credible resource guest writer to your site

Invite competent guest writers to post in your site. Contacting them is facilitated through Yahoo Messenger, Skype or gmail chat. You can hold the event in your private chat rooms or in public chat rooms. If they do not have time to chat, a few articles from them will do the same job of attracting Internet traffic. Whichever way, credible persons in your field will do good for your website.

9. Advertise

Advertise with banner ads or text links. Offline advertisements are also good. Radio and journal advertisements increase Internet traffic.

10. Give bonuses and incentives

Giving away company pens or products related to your website are good ways to drive more traffic to your site. Offer them as incentives when they subscribe to your newsletter or answer your marketing survey.

Whatever you decide to do, stick to it and do not give up until you succeed. Attract Internet traffic and website traffic through these strategies. The most important thing is to work hard for it. A winner never quits!

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