Make Money Online TRAFFIC GENERATION 060 All Traffic Is Paid Traffic. The Question Is WHEN.

060 All Traffic Is Paid Traffic. The Question Is WHEN.

060 All Traffic Is Paid Traffic. The Question Is WHEN. post thumbnail image

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TRANSCRIPT: Hey, what’s up? This is Jason Drohn. Today what we’re going to talk about is paying for traffic. Now, I know this is kind of a touch and go subject because paying for traffic is awesome when you know how to do it and sucks when you don’t, or sucks when you don’t have somebody to do it for you. Now, I want to kind of get into this clip that I pulled out of one of our courses called Funnel Formula. So we’re going to go through this and then we’re going to come back and kind of talk, expand on it a little bit. You got to rank for keyword phrases. I would get eight listings on the first page of Google for the same site, for one keyword phrase. There were keyword phrases that they were literally worth like $60,000 a year to me because we would get ranked for them and then we sell a bunch of affiliate products and then get paid commission.

So I loved free traffic. Now I love free traffic about this much. I think of free traffic as a bonus in all cases, but I do not build businesses. I don’t consider it a foundation for a business, because what happened was is I had sites that were doing 20 and $30,000 in revenue, multiple sites, and then within a month, all of that revenue vanished. Google went through an update of their algorithms and all of a sudden everything that was working from an SEO standpoint didn’t work anymore. All the link building, all the article marketing, social sharing, all of that stuff just didn’t work. So overnight, the link network that I spent 10 or $15,000 building, all the content, all the sites, everything just disappeared. And what I was left with was some sites that got no traffic and they were pretty hideous, I mean, just because there were written for the search engines.

After you go through and you have the websites and you have the sales copy and have the sales funnel and your architecture is dialed in and everything is solid and you’re ready to go, you’re ready to launch, then you get to this point right now, this very second, this point, and you’re like, “How do I get traffic?” Well, there are lots of ways to get traffic, so the thing you have to ask yourself is, do you want traffic fast? Do you want to traffic slow? If you want traffic fast, as in like right now, then you have to pay for it. Well, regardless, you’re going to be paying for traffic. But if you want it right now, you’re going to be paying for it. You’re going to be paying per click, Facebook ads, Google ads, native ads, whatever. If you want traffic slow and you want it to be cheaper, then you go the organic content marketing route.

All right, so the reality of traffic is you’re paying for it some way. You’re paying for it in time or you’re paying for it in dollars. So even SEO and content marketing, you’re still paying for it in dollars. I mean, you’re paying outsourcers, you’re paying writers to write content for you. And this a lot of times isn’t a cheap date. So you’re paying bloggers, like Filipino bloggers, they’ll charge you 25, 30, $50 per blog post, sometimes more, sometimes less. A really great writer is going to charge you 200 to $300 a blog post for a super awesome blog post, like 2000, 2500, 3000 words. They’re books basically. They’re well-researched. They got a bunch of images, they rank well, but they’re also crazy expensive.

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